Product Introduction

Clear rules, the definitive answer in golf.

I felt like a pro on the screen golf course... 

Will my performance decline only when I step onto the actual green?

We provide the data that you were able to see on the screen golf course, so you can also access it on the actual green. 

The precision sensor installed in iBreak measures the slope of the green to calculate the trajectory of the golf ball based on the frictional resistance. This information is then processed using dynamic algorithm to determine the putting direction and distance.

We recommend this to the following individuals. 😎👍

- Golfers looking to improve their putting skills

- Golf beginners who are still learning to read the green

- Individuals who are familiar with screen golf

"Clear rules, the definitive answer in golf."

Jarvis on the green : i Break.

Product Introduction

Our smart golf ball marker is an innovative device that assists with putting on the green. This product enhances the golfing experience by providing the same putting direction and slope information as seen in screen golf.

The smart golf ball marker is a pen-like device that accurately marks the position of the ball and integrates with a mobile app through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. The app analyzes the putting direction in real-time and displays uphill and downhill slopes, providing golfers with the necessary information. This allows golfers to visualize and adjust their putting line accurately and understand the slope of the green for more effective putting.

The smart golf ball marker is customized to meet the demands of our customers and ensures the highest performance and precision through the use of cutting-edge technology and advanced sensors. It also offers a user-friendly interface and convenient operation, enhancing the enjoyment of golf.

With our product, you can experience golf with greater accuracy and enjoyment while improving your putting skills on the green.