Shot's algorithm, joy into the future.

Shot's algorithm, joy into the future.


We start by enabling users to access all information related to the green and extend our vision to encompass all future technologies. 

“Brand Mission”

We are a Total Solution Provider for golf course greens, specifically focusing on providing a complete solution for golf putting-related needs.

“Brand Vision”

marvelous + Fun

Sophisticated movements and endless fun that never stops. 

“Core Value”

We really enjoy golf. 

Despite the development of various golf equipment such as GPS rangefinders and laser rangefinders by numerous companies, we have felt a lack of devices that assist in putting on the green.

In line with this, we have developed a smart golf ball marker that can provide the same information on putting direction and slope (uphill/downhill) as offered in screen golf. This will allow golf enthusiasts to putt more accurately and enjoyably even on the actual green.

Considering the importance of putting in golf, we are making efforts to provide our customers with similar information on the green as they would experience when putting on a screen. We understand the significance of providing relevant data and assisting golfers in achieving consistent and effective putting performance on the actual green.