Technological prowess that enhances enjoyment.

This product is charged using a dedicated charging cable. A full charge provides approximately 36 holes of usage. It is recommended to charge it before playing golf, preferably the day before.

This product is recommended for golfers who want to improve their putting skills and beginners who are not yet proficient at reading the green. It is also recommended for those who are familiar with screen golf.

This product can be used standalone as a ball marker, or it can be connected and used with the mobile app "i break" via Bluetooth. The app can be downloaded and installed from the Play Store.

This product is equipped with precision sensors that measure the slope of the green. It calculates the putting direction and distance by using dynamic algorithms to determine the trajectory of the golf ball based on frictional resistance.

   - When you arrive at the golf course, start by inputting the green speed in Stimpmeter units. Then, for each hole, input the distance between the hole cup and the golf ball on the green. Place the ball marker towards the hole cup, and this amazing smart ball marker will provide you with putting direction and distance, taking into account uphill and downhill slopes!

   - It is particularly useful for short-distance putts within approximately 5 meters.

   - It is not applicable to the S-line on the green.

Amateur golfers often misjudge the left/right and uphill/downhill slopes on the green due to optical illusions. This product provides golfers with confidence in the slope direction, allowing them to make confident putts even on ambiguous slopes.